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4 Myths About CBD Products You Shouldn’t Believe

If you’re just beginning your research into CBD, you’ve probably run into a lot of myths and fake news about what CBD is and how it affects you. We want you to have all the accurate facts and information about the process and benefits of using CBD so you can make informed decisions for yourself. Here are 4 myths about CBD products that you shouldn’t believe: 1. CBD in Marijuana Probably the biggest and most inaccurate misconception of CBD is that it …

What is hemp?

We thought we would explain a little further, and dispel any myths / bad press this amazing plant has. Firstly let us just confirm that the hemp we use in all our products, CANNOT make you high/stoned, you wont fail a drug test either... (phew) So.. Hemp is a strain of cannabis that has been bred to have none of the narcotic (THC) compounds & effects. We now use the word 'hemp' for food (seeds, oil, protein powder), fibre for clothing, paper, …