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Cannabis crumble
Weed crumble is a type of cannabis concentrate that is renowned for its unique texture and high levels of THC. It usually has a yellow color and a crumbly texture, hence the name. It is also known as crumble wax or honeycomb wax, since its appearance and texture share a lot in common with a honeycomb.

Just like other concentrates, weed crumble compresses marijuana into a more potent form for stronger effects. While your average strain of marijuana has THC levels between 15 to 25%, really good crumble can reach levels of up to 90%. You can expect some intense effects when you use it.

Crumble wax is made with a process quite similar to shatter and budder. But the pre-purged oils that are used for crumble wax usually have a different temperature, thicker consistency, and more moisture. These all help create the wax’s crumbling, cheese-like body.

Whether it’s for smoking, vaping or dabbing, weed crumble can be used in several ways. It has a honeycomb-like texture which makes it easy to crumble with your hands. All you need to use is a tiny piece to get the desired effects.

Crumble is known to have high terpene levels, making it one of the more flavorful and aromatic forms of weed concentrate. As long as you can manage the strong effects, you will enjoy weed crumble for both its recreational high and medicinal benefits. Such as relief from pain, stress, depression and other similar symptoms.

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