3 gm Rosin – Lab Tested


Resin & Rosin

Rosin is extracted from plant matter using a combination of heat and pressure. By using this method, producers can instantaneously extract a potent resinous sap from their dried plant matter, hash, or kief. This thick, gooey, full-melt hash oil extrudes from the plant matter without requiring any additional cleaning or removal of chemicals, which makes it the best choice for health-conscious consumers. This cannabinoid and terpene-rich, full-melt hash oil boasts a high THC percentage as well as a robust flavor profile (as long as it was extracted from plant matter).

Resin and Rosin differ in their methods of extraction as well as their purity. At the base level, live resin is a solvent-based concentrate and live rosin is a solvent less concentrate.

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